Ladurée Savoury

The Recipes

By Michel Lerouet & Robyn Cahill

Photography Sophie Tramier

392 pages, Boxed book with tissue lining

15.5 x 16.5 cm, portrait

100+ color illustrations

Hardcover with jacket

ISBN 978–1–902686–75–2

GBP £28

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In days gone by, Ladurée’s reputation was built around its renowned cakes and pastries. However, the savoury fare: omelettes, salads and dainty finger sandwiches... have always played a leading role in the establishment’s repertoire. Over the last decade, Ladurée has gone a step further and created a recipe collection marrying the sweet and the savoury. In this book, you will discover the great classics of French pastry – transformed into delicious savoury dishes!