Ladurée Macarons

The Recipes

By Maison Ladurée

Photography Antonin Bonnet

304 pages, Boxed book with tissue lining + Macaron poster

15.5 x 16 cm, portrait

2 color illustrations

Hardcover with jacket

ISBN 978–1–902686–81–3

GBP £28

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… Discover the Ladurée macaron – the famous French delicacy – in a range of 130 colours and flavours … Every season – much as fashion designers release new collections – mouthwatering new flavours are created by Ladurée’s pastry chefs for our culinary delight. Inside this beautiful box, Ladurée pays tribute to these dainty, iconic confections for which it is renowned around the world.
The enclosed book will open the doorway to Ladurée’s innermost macaron secrets – with recipes for all your favourite flavours, and inspiration for a whole host more. Now you can try your hand at making these exquisite delicacies at home …