Ladurée Chocolat

The Art of the Chocolatier

By Vincent Lemains & Julien Christophe

Photography Noëlle Hoeppe

344 pages, Boxed book with tissue lining

21 x 21 cm, square

200+ color illustrations


ISBN 978-1-902686-80-6

GBP £29.95

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Ladurée continues its quest for the ultimate indulgence with Chocolat; The Art of the Chocolatier, opening a magic portal to a dream-like world where dainty meets delicious – a universe dedicated exclusively to chocolate.
In this book, chocolate lovers will not only discover its many varieties and virtues, but also where chocolate comes from, how it’s made, and how and where to enjoy it, as well as stories of famous chocolate connoisseurs past and present.
And, since you can hardly be expected to read about chocolate without indulging yourself, you will also find a mouthwatering selection of Ladurée recipes for chocolate bonbons and other delectable pastries that you can make at home …

Vincent Lemain has been the Chef of Pastry Creation at Ladurée since April 2011 and is responsible for all of Ladurée’s, seasonal, creations. Before this he worked in prestigious restaurants in France as pastry chef.

Julien Christophe has been in charge of the chocolate laboratory since October 2007. In charge of a team of ten people, he has been creating chocolates inspired by the seasons, including of course special creations for Valentine’s Day and Easter. He has worked at Ladurée for the past eleven years.

Noëlle Hoeppe is a photographer with a diploma from the Ecole Des Arts Appliqués Duperré and New York University. She has exhibited in NewYork, Paris, London and Tokyo. She now lives in France where she is creating a new series of photographs of still lives.